What is TwitFriends?

TwitFriends is a web application which generates a quiz about your Twitter friends. Once you've provided your Twitter username it queries the Twitter API to find your Twitter followers who also follow you. It then selects up to 10 friends at random and retrieves a random tweet by them. You will be given a choice of 4 of your friends for each question and have to select which one you think made the tweet. If you get stuck then you can use one of 3 lifelines to either see their description, location or avatar.

Once you've finished the quiz you can see your results and will be able to tweet them out to your followers if you wish. This application does not collect any information about its users and will not post anything to your Twitter without your permission.

How does it work?

The backend uses the Node.js framework Express and the frontend uses the JavaScript-based web application framework AngularJS. Tweets and Twitter profiles are retrieved using the Twitter REST API.

If you would like to report any bugs or to know more about the application then please feel free to contact me.

Why was it created?

I developed this web application as a final project for Harvard's CS50x course.